We are plant nerds, wildcrafters, gardeners, lovers of beauty, nature’s biggest fan club, perpetual students that are also teachers, activists and believers in a new kind of healthcare.

Our CSH (community supported herbalism) Shares reflect all of these things. The Shares will be offered four times a year -- Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer. It is our hope that these Shares will reconnect you to the seasons and to their particular nuances. For example, Autumn is associated with the Lung, with the color white, with dryness, the direction West and with grief. Our Share for Autumn will focus on respiratory health, the transition into winter and nurturance. We are strong believers in preventative medicine and it's contribution to vibrant and healthy communities.

The herbs we use vary in their origin. Most were organically farmed and harvested by companies with diligent ethics and standards. Some were wildharvested by us in the Pacific Northwest. We also grow and harvest herbs at Elie's fathers biodynamic garden in Sonoma County. Plants are our people. You can be assured that the plants we are offering as medicines are healthy and the environments from which they were harvested were left healthy as well.

Your Portland Apothecary Share will contain small batch, handcrafted medicinals that will help you move through the seasons with health and awareness. Your Share will always come with a detailed description of the season and what ways you can meet the challenges of that season with health. You’ve heard of seasonal eating at this point, well—this is seasonal healthcare. We want to keep you from getting sick to begin with. You’ll find a wide range of herbal remedies in each Share ranging from tinctures & teas to artisanal soap & medicinal honey.

We look forward to working with you,
Elie & Kristen

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