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Our Autumn CSH Share focus is on fortifying your body in preparation for the colder weather and the flu and cold season. As plants begin to send their energy back into their roots after offering up the last of their fruit we too should think about reeling our energy inward. This time is perfect for using roots, berries and seeds to help tonify and strengthen ourselves as we focus on our well being.

We are influenced by the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the way we approach our CSH Shares. Autumn is associated with the Lungs and Large Intestine so we will focus on respiratory health and the elimination of the byproducts of stress. Silver & white are the colors associated with this season and we will be working with the silvery plants of Mugwort, Thyme, and Mullein amongst others. The element at play is Metal with its contracting nature reminiscent of going inward, and the direction is West like the setting sun.

Our Autumn CSH Share includes Elderberry Elixir, Autumn Tonic Vinegar, an Adaptogen Tea Blend, Mullein & Thyme Extract, Infused Medicinal Honey, Astragalus Bundle, Mugwort Bundle and Cold Processed Soap.

You will also receive an Autumn Booklet with detailed information about the remedies, how to use them along with health tips for the season and some other inspired collaborations.

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***** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These shares are not intended to take the place of your physician's advice. Please do check in with them before beginning any new health regimen. In particular you should do so if you are on any medications. We are not intending to diagnose or cure.

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